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Park Homes Law - £42.50

ISBN 0-9544716-2-8 | 2009 | 3rd ed | paperback | 305 pages | £42.50 inc. p+p within the UK

Park Homes Law is the definitive guide for residents, site managers, local government staff and all others concerned with this area of the law. The book covers not just residential parks but touring and holiday sites and camping.

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Manorial Law - £49.95

ISBN 0 9521625 2 0 | 1996 | paperback | 155 pages | £49.95 inc. p+p within the UK

Written for non-lawyers as well as lawyers, Manorial Law traces the legal history of the manor from its medieval origins, and its explains its current importance. Manorial Law provides ann invaluable insight into the ancient, complex and fascinating institution that is the manor.

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