Manorial Law

ISBN 0 9521625 2 0 | 1996 | paperback | 155 pages | £49.95 inc. p+p within the UK

Written for non-lawyers as well as lawyers, Manorial Law traces the legal history of the manor from its medieval origins, and its explains its current importance.  Manorial Law provides ann invaluable insight into the ancient, complex and fascinating institution that is the manor.  Separate chapyters deal with Commons, Mines and Minerals, Franchises, Sporting Rights, and Manorial Documents and Conveyancing.  The book is an essential guide for all those concerned with the law of manors, whether in relation to manorial history or the exercise of manorial rights today.

Coverage includes: The manor and the feudal system – Manorial institutions – Later changes: 14th to 19th centuries – The legal reforms of the 1920s – The manor today – Commons – Minerals – Franchises – Sporting rights – Transfers and  Manorial documents

  • paperback

Manorial Law

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