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Welcome to a new approach to explaining the law. At Barsby legal we produce guidance, in print and other media, which is clear and practical, written primarily for non-lawyers and presented in our unique style.

Coming soon:  our Live Law project will take our work to a new level.  Please see our new website,, for details.

Printed books

Manorial Law

ISBN 0 9521625 2 0 | 1996 | paperback | 155 pages | £49.95 inc. p+p within the UK

Written for non-lawyers as well as lawyers, Manorial Law traces the legal history of the manor from its medieval origins, and its explains its current importance. Manorial Law provides ann invaluable insight into the ancient, complex and fascinating institution that is the manor.

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Live law

Property law

Live Law will guide you through key legal issues which affect landowners in England and Wales. Each section can be bought separately, so you can focus on the issues affecting you.

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Constitutional law

Voting, the courts etc.

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In recent days, we have been slow to deal with some orders – our apologies to those concerned. Gone are the halcyon days when the ratio of spam to genuine emails was about 10 to 1. The ratio now is more like 100 to 1. It  thus becomes easier to miss book orders among the torrents […]

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Internet down

Internet down

Our internet service will be down overnight tonight- 7 to 8 February 2017 – so we may be slow in replying to queries. Please accept our apologies in advance!

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Mediation is now well-established in the UK as a successful form of dispute-resolution.  What is not always appreciated is how fully developed mediation is in the USA.  There, mediation can be “evaluative” (mediator takes a positive role, assessing the merits of the opposing cases);  “transformative” (mediator reconciles the parties before attempting to resolve the dispute);  or […]

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 | Categories: Latest news